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      portable sonic toothbrush-HoldPeak

      Sonic Toothbrush

      The toothbrush that is developed by HoldPeak is renown for its high water resistance and its high self-cleaning function through sonic vibration. There are two main toothbrush products that we are offering including the toothbrush that has three cleaning modes and the toothbrush that has five cleaning modes.

      The waterproof sonic toothbrush HP-338A series is equipped with a replaceable toothbrush head and the streamlined body. It also has a multi-function button that can precisely control the on and off the device. The outstanding feature of this series is that it has three cleaning modes and offers 5V charging. Its vibration frequency of clean mode is about 42000 times per minute and the vibration frequency of the soft mode is about 31000 times per minute. Also, it has a self-interval timer that can make the device stop in 30 seconds and two minutes. The stand-by time of it can reach three weeks.

      The toothbrush HP-338B series has 5 brushing modes. This smart sonic toothbrush is equipped with a 3-axis gyro gravity sensor that can sense four brushing states. More importantly, the toothbrush can be connected to a mobile phone with Bluetooth. The brushing time of each stage will be uploaded to a mobile app, which is scored. People can evaluate the results of their brushing through the APP evaluation results.

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