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      Non-contact voltage tester

      This non-contact volt pen manufactured by HoldPeak is ideal for troubleshooting. It has a small size and is easy to carry. Its testing is extremely sensitive and its performance is stable. It is characterized by its high resistance to drop, which makes it ideal for being used in harsh working environments. It provides clear test results through its audible and visual alarm function. The instrument can issue warnings with clear visual and audible signals. It is equipped with LED lighting to help the operator work safely in a dark environment.

      The instrument provides superior performance and advanced technology as a convenient and practical instrument. The operator only needs to use the tip of the product to touch an object to be measured, such as a socket or a power cord. When the tip glows and the device beeps, the voltage can be tested. It can be applied in voltages up to 1,000 V.

      Its slim and pointy tip can easily get into tight spaces. It is equipped with a high-frequency interference signal filter. Therefore, it can reliably detect voltage, and the product is a waterproof and dustproof product. Its high degree of protection makes it suitable for a wide range of measurement environments.

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