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      Insulation Resistance Testers-HoldPeak

      Insulation Resistance Testers

      The insulation resistance tester from HoldPeak is suitable for insulation testing in the aspect of the maintenance, repair, testing and verification of various electrical equipment. Its insulation resistance index line is even and clear, which is convenient for an accurate reading. The product is easy to operate and easy to carry. It features low power consumption, battery charge and long running time. Its range is reasonably configured in a variety of specifications and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

      It adopts advanced digital processing technology with large capacity and strong anti-interference ability. It can meet the requirements of high-voltage, high-resistance and large-capacity load test and its indication value is extremely accurate, stable and reliable. It has anti-vibration, moisture-proof and dust-proof structure to adapt to the harsh working environment. The protection function is perfect, and it can withstand short circuit and residual voltage impact of the measured capacitor.

      The product is smaller and lighter and can be easily transported and used without affecting product performance. The wide measurement range allows for installation testing for instruments with a higher value. The unique double-shell design provides fire protection and makes the product more rugged and durable. The digital insulation resistance tester has many advantages such as wide measuring range, high resolution, automatic range, strong load capacity.

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