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      Ground resistance meters

      The ground resistance meter produced by HoldPeak adopts an improved test method and integrated design, which not only has better test performance but also has excellent structural performance. It is equipped with an LCD, which makes its readings simple and accurate. It has the advantages of wide adjustment range, convenient use and beautiful appearance. And the device can well solve the anti-interference problem in the test process, simplify the test operation process, improve the accuracy of the test result and greatly reduce the labor intensity and test cost of the tester.

      The advantage of this device is that it has large output power, frequency conversion anti-interference and high measurement accuracy. It adopts the non-contact measurement method and eliminates the need for grounding pile with high measurement accuracy. It is widely used in various industrial fields such as electric power and telecommunications industry. This type of ground resistance tester is small, lightweight and requires no wiring.

      It is safe and fast to use and can measure leakage current on the ground line. It can be used for grounding resistance measurements in the meteorological, oilfield, construction and industrial electrical equipment industry. This device has higher reliability and lower output power than other testers. The product is characterized by high precision, good stability, and long life.

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