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      Digital tachometer

      The digital tachometer of HoldPeak is one of the must-have instruments in the machinery industry. This device can be used to determine the line speed or frequency of the motor. It features stable performance, high reliability and high security. It adopts a large LCD display design with a wide measurement range and high resolution. It is widely used to measure the working processes of a variety of materials such as wood and metal processing. It can be used to accurately measure the speed of a lathe.

      It can measure laser speeds from 7.0 to 99999 RPM in non-contact conditions. This product can meet customers who have high requirements for display accuracy, reliability, cost and flexibility of use. It has strong anti-vibration performance. Moreover, the machine guarantees high precision and strong anti-interference. Its hour meter adopts an LCD without a mechanical part, so it is more reliable and more contemporary.

      The instrument is equipped with a clear backlight display that can be used in a variety of lighting conditions. Its measurement is very fast and efficient, and the measurement range is large. It can reach the one-handed operation. Also, it has a wide range of applications. The digital tachometer is commonly used in motors, electric fans, paper, plastics, chemical fiber, washing machines, automobiles, airplanes, ships and other manufacturing industries.

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