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      measuring instruments supplier, digital measurement instruments,electrical measuring instruments oem-HoldPeak

      Digital engine analyzer

      HoldPeak develops and designs the car engine analyzer with a bracket mounted behind it can be rotated 180 degrees for easy application and can be used as a support or suspension. At the same time, the back cover is equipped with a magnet that can be attached to the surface of the ferrous material. In addition, the battery cover can be opened for the battery and fuse replacement so it is very convenient to use and maintain. The machine has a high level of safety. Therefore, the user can use the device with peace of mind.

      This product has a large-size display feature. Moreover, it is also portable and stable in performance. The overall circuit design is centered on a large IC A/D converter with an overload protection circuit. Its performance is comparable to that of a PC. It can connect to the mobile phone through the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone and show the measurement data through the mobile phone app.

      This type of instrument can conduct the testing of the car engine continuously for a long time and it can respond quickly with high sensitivity. Its advantage is that its test precision is high. Moreover, the product is simple in structure and is easy to maintain.

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